Workplace Wellbeing Academy

How We Work

How We Work

Many organisations are already doing positive things that enhance the mental health and wellbeing of the employees. Our ethos is always to recognise where good work is being done and to collaborate in identifying where improvements may be needed. We partner at all levels to develop practical,
evidence-based strategies that meet the needs of your organisation and people.

We have drawn on the most recent global research evidence to create a framework that promotes a positive, proactive approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing. The framework addresses all areas of work which, if managed poorly can create risk but, if managed properly will contribute to forming a healthy workplace culture that actually promotes positive mental health and wellbeing.

It is our ambition to support you in creating long term sustainable change. We offer services that include strategy development, implementation, training, audit and review. We can be with you every step of the way.

So, if you genuinely want to release the full potential of every employee to drive the success of your business, we are the people to help.

We work in partnership with world class suppliers to provide clients with the most up to date wellbeing advice and information. Ashia is an affordable, holistic streaming platform providing video-led content to help people take personal ownership of their wellbeing.

6,500+ videos

focused on real life story telling

familiar features

mirroring the major streaming services

Signposting to

10,000+ support organisations

Curated, safe

and verfied content

2,000+ resources

including blogs, podcasts, help guides, insights

Insightful data to

shape wellbeing policy and plans

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