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I have often written and spoken about the fact that there are many ways to live in the moment than using formal mindfulness techniques.

Yesterday found another, indirectly. I was in the middle of delivering an online training course with a colleague. They and all of the participants were in Ireland whilst I sat in my office in the North East of England. One of the wonders of online training is that I now work with people all over the world.

The weather was very different in the two countries. There had been torrential rain and some flooding on the West coast of Ireland the night before and by the afternoon it was heading for me. My colleague was leading as the rain hit and luckily my microphone was off when the deluge descended. The camera was another matter however and they all had a laugh when I jumped out of my seat when the first thunderclap happened.

Rain or not it was still a very humid day, and I had the window open. As the rain eased, I suddenly became aware of the smell coming through the window. It was familiar but forgotten. It was the smell that dry soil releases when it finally takes a soaking. I found myself transfixed by it for a few moments and felt a sudden intense connection with the earth.

After the training, I spent a little time googling as I was sure that there must be a term to describe this, and I learned a new word. The smell produced is called the petrichor. I hope to smell it again soon.